William Bloom is Britain’s leading author and educator in the mind-body-spirit field with over thirty years of practical experience, research and teaching in modern spirituality.

The Findhorn foundation educational centre is a spiritual community, eco-village and an international centre for holistic learning, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future.

Stephen Victor works as consultant, teacher and writer in the fields of compassion and human possibility: the bringing of oneself to bear creatively in consort with Wisdom and universal intelligence individually, cooperatively, collectively. He works in Europe, the Middle East, and United States in public, corporate and organizational venues.

Echo Arts Living Arts Centre is a non-profit organization working within the international network of Performance, Somatics and New Dance. The Centre promotes the application and communication of dance in Cyprus as a contemporary performance art-form and focuses on dance as an interactive art form within the borderlines of the other performance arts such as theatre, music, visual arts, and writing for performance.

Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus is a non profit organization that aspires to promote the development of dance as an interactive art form, taking as a starting point Cyprus’s location at the furthest South Eastern European corner, bridging West to East; a crossing point between cultures.

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