imagine working with someone where the total focus is on you, on what you want out of life and on how to achieve it


Coaching has been influenced by many fields of study including those from personal development, psychology, organizational, leadership theories and other practices. Since the mid-1990s, coaching has developed into an independent discipline that helps people identify and achieve personal goals.

By working with a qualified coach you will be able to explore your full potential within a safe environment. Exercises to recognise your strengths and to feel good about yourself are the first steps towards motivation and setting realistic achievable goals. Through accessing your creative energy and integrating your hopes, dreams and spiritual values into daily life, you will become effective in getting to where you want to be, to enjoy the positive vitality of life.

A coaching session is normally an hour long and takes place in Nicosia. Once we have met we may agree to use internet video chat or the telephone for some of our sessions.

At every session I will listen without judgement to what you are saying as well as to what you are not saying, ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts. From time to time I may challenge your limiting beliefs. I will encourage you in every way I can and be beside you on your journey.

We explore, clarify and define what you want to achieve. We identify what needs to change and what you need to pay attention to. Along the way we will discover and explore what is stopping you from achieving your goals, what obstacles get in the way, for example limiting beliefs, fears, lack of confidence and look for ways to overcome them.

Most important of all we will identify the values, strengths, skills, talents and qualities which have helped you in the past and which can help you move forward now, small step by step.

The first meeting is a session with no obligation to begin coaching. We assess whether we can work together and you decide whether you want to continue. We will decide together the number of sessions you may wish to use and this is reviewable.

Friends and family can be supportive and sometimes it helps to work with a professional in a confidential and impartial environment. A place and time devoted to you where you can explore every avenue, every option until you find what is right for you.

Coaching would help you if you recognise any of the following:

  • Is your work/leisure out of balance?
  • Are you planning a new business venture and not sure how to start?
  • Are you needing more personal direction and value?
  • Do you want to take more charge of your life and decisions?
  • Do you want more creativity in your life?
  • Are you feeling undervalued at work or in a relationship?
  • Do you feel stuck?

the endorphin effect

My coaching philosophy is influenced by a method called ‘The Endorphin Effect’ / Core Energy Management developed by leading UK holistic educator Dr. William Bloom.

Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals in the family of hormones and neuropeptides.

The method employs easy-to-use strategies which stimulate our body’s own endorphins to change our mood and perspective. We can replace the toxic acid of stress with positive energy and vitality.